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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am Carlos Henriquez. I was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. From a young age I knew that I could move others through dance. In between work and school I would attend traditional folkloric classes, and then moved onto the Dominican Republic's National Ballet school. Clearly having found my passion I spent the next few years dancing and choreographing the entertainment at resorts all over the Dominican Republic.


In 2007, I immigrated to Canada to raise my daughter Mya, this led me to my career as a Fitness Instructor. I later went on to join the global movement of Zumba Fitness as a licensed Zumba Instructor, and Zumba Jammer, where I have had the pleasure of teaching choreography all over the world to my fellow ZIN members and Zumba family. El Bachatu, as I am referred to, literally translates to Bachata impersonator. Bachata was originated in the Dominican Republic, and I am proud to share this dance form and all of its subtleties as the renowned "Bachata King" El Bachatu.  


This website is a great way for us to stay connected with my services and events that take place all over the world. I have virtual pricing plans available as well as in-person training sessions for those of you that are local to me in the Guelph area in Ontario, Canada.


My services will grow as my passions grow, so stay close and connected. Let's do this!


  • Group Fitness Certification

  • License Zumba Instructor  

  • Aqua Fitness Certification 

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