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Choose the Plan for You

I offer One-on-One Coaching, Zumba Classes and General Wellness Plans

  • Private Content Plan

    Every month
    Join the subscription private content and be the first
    • Weekly workshops
    • Virtual classes
    • Health and welness
    • Travel tips
    • Live video chat
    • Workouts
    • More...
  • 30 Days Class Pass

    One month class pass
    Valid for one month
    • Access to online classes
    • In Person Classes
  • 8 Training Sessions

    Train one on one
    Valid for 2 months
    • Two session per week
    • Access to online work out
    • 30 Min Sessions
  • 2 Pac Excursions

    Chose the best two that suit you!
    • ATV or Paradise Island
    • City Tour or Waterfalls
  • 3 Pac Excursions

    Well balance and exploration time
    • City tour, Waterfalls and Paradise Island
    • or
    • ATV, Waterfalls and City tour
  • Fun for all

    Fun has not limits
    • All four excursions
  • 3 Pac Escurtions

    Fun and explor
    • Paradise island, ATV and City tour
    • or
    • ATV, Paradise island and Waterfalls
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